Monday, July 4, 2011

Born Near the 4th of July?

Throughout the weekend, I couldn't help thinking how wrong humans tend to be.  For example, working chronologically backwards, here are 16 random things that people used to think:

16) LeBron James is the best basketball player on earth, and a really nice guy
15) It's probably a good idea to buy MySpace for $545 million
14) Global warming is coming.... we are all going to die!
13)  It's possible to win a war against "terror".  I mean, look how soundly we won the war on drugs.
12) Milli Vanilli were really good singers
11) There's a hole in the ozone layer.... we are all going to die!
10) Disco Rules
9) It's probably a good idea to give a bunch of rebels in the desert guns, ammo and training so they can rise up against their current government.  No way this will come back to haunt us.
8) The next ice age is coming.... we are all going to die!
7) It's possible to win a war on drugs.  I mean, look how well prohibition worked.
6) That Hitler fellow is the man of the month.... nay, the man of the year!
5) Liberace is quite the ladies man
4) Oh, you're sick?  Let's just throw a bunch of leeches on you, and they will suck the bad blood out of you and you'll be feeling great in no time!
3) The world is flat and the sun rotates around the earth.
2) These dinosaurs will roam the earth forever. 
1) There probably won't be any repercussions from eating this apple from the forbidden tree.

Even today, Rachel became convinced that she will be pregnant forever, even though the due date is still two weeks away.

I think about these things a lot, especially on days like July 4th, as we celebrate our independence and freedom, rarely stopping to wonder if our forefathers had any idea what they were doing when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  If we as humans are wrong so often, what makes them so right?

I guess the fact that I can spend the day grilling out, listening to music, being with family and friends and generally doing whatever I want answers the question for me.  Let's just hope that Rachel is more like the rest of humanity and less like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Herbie Hancock, as I'm ready to meet this kid!

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